Discovering Intelligent Design

A Journey Into the Scientific Evidence | taught by Casey Luskin Watch Intro Video
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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Defining Moment
Introduction to Section 1 FREE
Chapter 1 Objectives & Outline: Design Decoded FREE
QUIZ (Chapter 1): Design Decoded
Chapter 2 Objectives & Outline: Survival of the Materialist
QUIZ (Chapter 2): Survival of the Materialist
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Section 2: Cosmic Design
Introduction to Section 2
Chapter 3 Objectives & Outline: Think Big...No Bigger
QUIZ (Chapter 3): Think Big...No Bigger
Chapter 4 Objectives & Outline: Don’t Touch That Dial
QUIZ (Chapter 4): Don’t Touch That Dial
Chapter 5 Objectives & Outline: The Empire Strikes Back
QUIZ (Chapter 5): The Empire Strikes Back
Chapter 6 Objectives & Outline: Home Sweet Home
QUIZ (Chapter 6): Home, Sweet Home
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Section 3: Complexity of Life
Introduction to Section 3
Chapter 7 Objectives & Outline: Think Small…No, Smaller
QUIZ (Chapter 7): Think Small…No, Smaller
Chapter 8 Objectives & Outline: Information, Please
QUIZ (Chapter 8): Information, Please
Chapter 9 Objectives & Outline: Opening the Black Box
QUIZ (Chapter 9): Opening the Black Box
Chapter 10 Objectives & Outline: Life is Complicated
QUIZ (Chapter 10): Life is Complicated
Chapter 11 Objectives & Outline: Body of Evidence
QUIZ (Chapter 11): Body of Evidence
Chapter 12 Objectives & Outline: Poorly Designed Arguments
QUIZ (Chapter 12): Poorly Designed Arguments
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Section 4: Common Descent
Introduction to Section 4
Chapter 13 Objectives & Outline: Tree Huggers
QUIZ (Chapter 13): Tree Huggers
Chapter 14 Objectives & Outline: Fakes and Mistakes
QUIZ (Chapter 14): Fakes and Mistakes
Chapter 15 Objectives & Outline: Sudden, Gradual Change
QUIZ (Chapter 15): Sudden, Gradual Change
Chapter 16 Objectives & Outline: Skeletons In Their Closet
QUIZ (Chapter 16): Skeletons In Their Closet
Chapter 17 Objectives & Outline: Who’s Your Daddy?
QUIZ (Chapter 17): Who’s Your Daddy?
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Section 5: Summarizing the Evidence
Introduction to Section 5
Chapter 18 Objectives & Outline: Taking Inventory
QUIZ (Chapter 18): Taking Inventory
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Section 6: Academic Freedom
Introduction to Section 6
Chapter 19 Objectives & Outline: Materialism of the Gaps
QUIZ (Chapter 19): Materialism of the Gaps
Chapter 20 Objectives & Outline: Answering the Critics
QUIZ (Chapter 20): Answering the Critics
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Course description

Discovering Intelligent Design is a comprehensive curriculum that presents both the biological and cosmological evidence in support of the theory of intelligent design. It equips young people and adults to critically analyze the arguments in the debate over evolution and intelligent design, encouraging them to follow the evidence wherever it leads.
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Casey Luskin
Casey Luskin
Discovering Intelligent Design Coauthor

Casey was trained as both a scientist and an attorney, having earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in earth sciences at the University of California at San Diego and a law degree from the University of San Diego. He formerly conducted scientific research at Scripps Institution for Oceanography and studied evolution extensively at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2001, Casey cofounded the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center, helping high school and college students to learn about ID by forming IDEA Clubs. He now works as Research Coordinator at the Discovery Institute, the leading think tank promoting ID, assisting educators nationwide to teach evolution more accurately. He has lectured and published widely on ID in journals, books, and popular venues.